Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weeding Out

When I first started Facebook, I had one goal in mind. To drive traffic to my Etsy shop. My name was "able mabel", instead of my real name. I added random people to my friends list, not caring whether or not I knew them.

At one point and time, I did start a business page for able mabel but quit it because it felt like I was doing the same thing twice.

As the weeks went by, I realized how many of my "real" friends were on Facebook. Yet, I hesitated to invite them to be my friends because I worried that they'd get annoyed at all my postings about able mabel.

I was also hesitant to share too much information about my family or to post pictures of them because I didn't really know my "friends" on Facebook. One can never be too careful on this World Wide Web.

In the last few months, I've realized the drawbacks of Facebooking in this manner. The amount of spammy messages and requests for all sorts of Farmville type games I've received has gone thru the roof. Annoying. Trying to keep up with my "real" friends is a joke (even when they're organized into lists).

Time for a drastic change.

I fired my business page back up. Click to become a fan. Most able mabel related postings will be done there.
I weeded out my friends list (from 2021 friends down to 160 friends).
I changed my name to my real name.
I updated my profile picture to a picture of Hubby and I. (slightly fuzzy but it's works)
I can now update my birthday and allow my friends to write on my wall again. (I had to take that off because I was getting so much spam on there.)

I'm loving the change! I spend way less time on Facebook now. (always a plus!)

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