Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Pete and Repeat went down to the lake, Pete fell in....
No, I'm kidding. I'll spare you the rest of the joke.
In the past few months, (or I should say when I started paying closer attention) I have had quite a few repeat customers.
I've noticed a little trend, for lack of a better word, among them. The customer will purchase one small item from my shop, a $5 key fob or $7 bib. Then a week or so later, they'll come back and place a larger order.
It just goes to show how important customer service is no matter how large or small the order, especially when selling online. When a customer can't physically handle an item before they purchase, you have to be even more on top of answering emails, questions and the like. It's easy to get lazy and think "it's just a small item, this customer isn't as important as someone spending $50."
As a seller, I have no idea what type of social networks my customers have. One buyer purchasing a $5 dollar item could be sending a lot of other customers my way via word of mouth. Word of mouth and referrals is also huge when selling online.
Want me to finish that joke? ;)


jessica said...

and who was left?

Selma said...


Selma said...

...oh and I meant to say that I can understand a person only buying a small item first and then coming back to buy more. A person can't always judge what the quality of an item is from a picture (I've got "taken" by Ebay pictures...) Once they see that Ms. Able Mabel has good quality materials and high quality workmanship, spending more $$ makes sense. Customer service goes along way, too.