Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Yep, this picture, although taken at another time, pretty much sums up our New Years. Our plans to get together with a few other families got nixed when our household got hit with an unwelcome bug.

First, a low grade fever and chills set in, followed by a sinus headache, coughing and a double barrel snot gun (aka runny nose).

The bug got the best of me on New Years Eve. I was still able to function, but barely. I had to rely on sinus meds to keep me somewhat sane. At 8pm, I started doing the 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, but instead of joining me, everyone just looked at me like I had three heads. Come on, it was midnight somewhere, right? ;)

By 9:30 pm, my nerves were shot and I again suggested we put the kids to bed. Hubby looked at me and said, "I have a better idea. Why don't you go to bed and I'll stay up with the older kids." "Why?", I protested, "I'm not cranky, they are." His rely was a raised eyebrow. I got the hint and snuggled into the sheets, cranking my heated mattress pad on high. I gotta admit, he was onto something. Sleep was simply blissful.

I got the scoop on how the rest of the night went from my 8 yr old:
"First Dad started snoring on the chair. Then we sent Clay (age 4) to go check the what numbers were on the clock. '1-0-5-3' he said. After a long time we sent him to check again. '1-0-5-5. The girls decided to go to bed. Then I decided to go to bed. Clay was the only one who stayed up. I don't know what he did."

Hubby was awaken at midnight from his slumber by some loud noises. "Will you quit banging on the house?", he asked the kids, his eyes still closed. Clay answered him, "It's fireworks from the neighbors, Dad." Happy New Yearzzzzzzzzzzzz.

As the bug made it way thru most of the family, we relied on two things to keep us out of eachother's hair. The ice rink in the backyard (started on Friday, ready by Sunday thanks to some MN-like weather) and the game Apples to Apples Jr. First try out on the rink. He pretty much had the whole thing to himself, he just had to dodge a sibling or two.Later when friends were over. Can you say traffic jam on ice? :) They didn't care. The more the merrier!

Apples to Apples Jr. is a wonderful family game! Our 6 yr old can play, although barely, and it's priceless to see her face when she's playing. I'm trying to get it captured on camera and will post pictures when I do.

May you all have a happy and blessed New Year!

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jessica said...

sounds like you rang in the new year with a bang! or some zzzz's, rather. isn't it funny how the older you get, the less important staying awake till midnight becomes? happy new year to you, too!