Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sometimes Kids Rule the Roost

I had plans today to go with my mom and JB to the delightful town of Northfield, MN. We had helped mom get ready for her last doll show and this was our "payment", her treat to us.

My husband stayed home from work today, sick (it's making it's way thru the family), so I left everyone but the youngest home. He's pretty much horizontal so I felt bad leaving him with the baby. I figured the rest of the kids could fend for themselves, for the most part.

I was almost to my mom and dad's when babes started gagging. I quickly pulled over and managed to get her blanket under her chin as she started throwing up. Yuck! Back home I went. So much for my outing for today.

I was disappointed but it's life. Not much you can do about it. I've learned to expect things like this, it comes with the territory. I was thankful I had already been to Northfield. It makes it easier to stay home.

Since all I accomplished yesterday was racking up cell phone minutes, today I'm determined to get something done...well...as soon as my baby goes down for a nap!

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