Friday, August 29, 2008

O Happy Day!

or at least as far as yesterday's mail went.

Late last week I had ordered a necklace display from Fire Mountain Gems. Fed-Ex delivered it to my door yesterday, mid morning. I hardly wasted anytime before trying it out.

Being that we have such a variety of items in our shop, I'd like to "unify" each section. Stage all the jewelry the same, light switch covers the same, etc. I think it will help our shop look less cluttered.

When the "real" mail came, I got another pack of fabric scraps from Starlitnest. I've been using them for headbands, but am also thinking of other things...if I told you I'd have to...well you know...
The colors and patterns in this new batch were so awesome! Very inspiring! I was going to take pictures of them today, but it's so windy outside it wouldn't work. I was gone all morning so the lighting inside the house just wasn't right.


Softflexgirl said...

That is a neat headband.

Sara Hardin

Barbara said...

Those are such bouncy, happy colors! Are they as much fun to work with as they look to be?