Friday, August 22, 2008

Madness around here

I'm not sure who is more ready for school to start, me or the kids. I feel as though I'm hanging on to my sanity by a thread. Here's a vote for more vacation during the school year and a two month summer break!

Today we broke up the monotony of life and took a trip to grandma and grandpa's to swim in their pool. It was the first time this whole summer! Sad but true! It was awesome to get out of the house, still be able to put the babies for their naps, and enjoy the afternoon. It's always fun to go never quite know who will pop in there at any given time!

Last night we ate a semi-early supper and then I sent the kids outside while I pulled out the beads. I worked on jewelry until almost midnight. (give or take when you factor in the bedtime scene and the interruptions of the kids) I was able to get 8 necklaces done. Two still need clasps and I didn't have the right color for them. I'll have to shop around on Etsy tonight and see what I can find. Hubby has the camera with him (he's out of town) so I can't take pictures of them. An enjoyable evening...just me and my beads!

What should I do tonight?!?!?

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