Friday, April 26, 2013

Project 52, Week 17

Project 52, Week 17
Theme: Red
For this week, I chose to photograph the red barn that will soon become our church.
(Thanks to Brenda for this subject idea!)

You read that correctly.
Soon our church will begin remodeling this gorgeous barn
(it really is a cool looking place)
to make it into a place for us to meet.
No more getting together in a school cafeteria. Yay!
The views from this barn are amazing!
I'll never tire of them.
You just might be seeing this barn again in the future. :)

This is the last week I'm linking up to Marcy. Go over and tell her hi!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Project 52: Week 16

Project 52, Week16
Theme: Drink Up
I've been trying to change up my subjects for each week but
since I screwed up and was a week ahead of schedule,
I ended up going with what was convenient at last minute.
That means you get to see my sweet baby again.
(Not that I'm complaining. She is such an adorable little girl, it's hard not to take pictures of her.)
I've tried to make it a point to try hold her whenever she drinks her bottle.
It's less messy that way (she likes to "paint" with milk all over the living room),
and it's one of the only times she'll snuggle.
Occasionally, I do let someone else feed her.
She doesn't look very comfy, does she?
But her sister is pleased to get bottle feeding duty.
What is Marcy drinking? Off you go to see what it is...

Friday, April 12, 2013

Project 52, Week 15

Project 52, Week 15
Theme: Reflection
My little girls have a mirrored closet door in their bedroom.
Completely over-rated, except for when I find Baby Loves "chatting" with herself.
I tried shooting from various angles because of all the distraction in the background.
I cropped this one down to take out the leg of the crib and a floor vent.
Ever since I took my photography class, editing feels a little bit like cheating.
In that class, the focus was taking good pictures "straight out of the camera".
I do try do that when I can, but sometimes impromptu pictures need a little editing.
If I was this cute, I'd probably kiss my reflection too. :)
Actually her 2.5 year old sister taught her how to go "pbbbtttt" on the window or a mirror.
No window or mirror is off-limits.
The way they bust into a heap of giggles when they do it is priceless.
Who needs clean windows anyway?
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Project 52, Week 14

Project 52, Week 14
Theme: At Play
I thought I was picking an easy "subject" to photograph this week.
I was wrong.
What a challenge it was to get all the parts of a good photograph working together at the same time.
My husband has a kite boarding kite (a smaller training size) and has been flying it on these windy spring days.

The day I went out with my camera was cold and the wind was unpredictable and gusty.
I sat there, shivering, snapping picture after picture as I tried to get the kite, him and a decent background all in the same shot, all while trying to think about shutter speed, composition, depth of field, lighting, etc.

After a while, I got too cold, gave up and went inside. :)
I gave up for that day and decided these were good enough for this week,
 but I am still determined to get some great pictures of him flying his kite.
Can you tell it's a full body workout?!
It's a new month so that means there is a new order to the blog hop circle.
This month, I'm linking up to Marcy.