Friday, April 12, 2013

Project 52, Week 15

Project 52, Week 15
Theme: Reflection
My little girls have a mirrored closet door in their bedroom.
Completely over-rated, except for when I find Baby Loves "chatting" with herself.
I tried shooting from various angles because of all the distraction in the background.
I cropped this one down to take out the leg of the crib and a floor vent.
Ever since I took my photography class, editing feels a little bit like cheating.
In that class, the focus was taking good pictures "straight out of the camera".
I do try do that when I can, but sometimes impromptu pictures need a little editing.
If I was this cute, I'd probably kiss my reflection too. :)
Actually her 2.5 year old sister taught her how to go "pbbbtttt" on the window or a mirror.
No window or mirror is off-limits.
The way they bust into a heap of giggles when they do it is priceless.
Who needs clean windows anyway?
Skip on over to Marcy's blog to see her reflection.

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