Friday, April 19, 2013

Project 52: Week 16

Project 52, Week16
Theme: Drink Up
I've been trying to change up my subjects for each week but
since I screwed up and was a week ahead of schedule,
I ended up going with what was convenient at last minute.
That means you get to see my sweet baby again.
(Not that I'm complaining. She is such an adorable little girl, it's hard not to take pictures of her.)
I've tried to make it a point to try hold her whenever she drinks her bottle.
It's less messy that way (she likes to "paint" with milk all over the living room),
and it's one of the only times she'll snuggle.
Occasionally, I do let someone else feed her.
She doesn't look very comfy, does she?
But her sister is pleased to get bottle feeding duty.
What is Marcy drinking? Off you go to see what it is...

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