Friday, April 5, 2013

Project 52, Week 14

Project 52, Week 14
Theme: At Play
I thought I was picking an easy "subject" to photograph this week.
I was wrong.
What a challenge it was to get all the parts of a good photograph working together at the same time.
My husband has a kite boarding kite (a smaller training size) and has been flying it on these windy spring days.

The day I went out with my camera was cold and the wind was unpredictable and gusty.
I sat there, shivering, snapping picture after picture as I tried to get the kite, him and a decent background all in the same shot, all while trying to think about shutter speed, composition, depth of field, lighting, etc.

After a while, I got too cold, gave up and went inside. :)
I gave up for that day and decided these were good enough for this week,
 but I am still determined to get some great pictures of him flying his kite.
Can you tell it's a full body workout?!
It's a new month so that means there is a new order to the blog hop circle.
This month, I'm linking up to Marcy.


Keilah said...

Neat! That looks like a fun sport!

maaretp said...

It's definitely windy enough in the valley. Fun photos.