Friday, February 15, 2013

Project 52:7

Project 52, Week 7
The theme for this week was Cabin Fever.
It's been a while since we've had true cabin fever in this house.
It seems like winters here last only a few months.
Just when cabin fever is about to set in,
it starts getting nice out.
I was at a loss of what to photograph.
My husband's parents were here visiting us earlier this week.
Over breakfast one morning, I asked them what they thought cabin fever is.
My father-in-law talked about how people under the same roof
 start to get irritated at each other for no reason.
That prompted me to stage this photo: 
I crack up looking at it. I told them to be mad at each other.
They kept giggling instead. Always doing the opposite of what I want them to do. :)
(The one problem with staging a picture using manual settings is that by the time I got the settings right, these girls were done for. Oh well. Good enough.)
Cabin fever also equals a constant mess in the house.
Endless forts being built.
Hop on over here to see what Amber thinks cabin fever is.
She should know, she lives in Alaska.

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maaretp said...

Your daughters crack me up in that photo! You can tell that they were getting a kick out of your assignment.