Saturday, December 22, 2012

No Sew Tree Skirt

As we were eating dinner last night,
my husband asked why there weren't any gifts under the tree yet.
I replied, "I'm not wrapping any until I get the new tree skirt done."
He gave me a raised eye brow.
"I'm going to do it tonight", I said.
His eye brow went a stitch higher.
(He knows me quite well.)
I proved him wrong and with the help of my 10 yr old son,
we got the tree skirt made!
 I followed this tutorial.
My son was pleased to be able to use the glue gun.
It was a low temp one so I felt comfortable letting him use it.
When his hand got tired, we switched and he pinched the fabric into ruffles
while I put down the glue.
I did make several changes.
Instead of using a drop cloth, I used this fabric.
I used my pinking rotary blade when I cut the cotton fabric.
I don't care for fraying edges.
You can use fray check instead of a pinking blade.
 I like the little decorative edge the pinking blade gives though.
The cotton prints can be found here and here.
I have to smile when I look at this picture.
This tree screams "little kids live in this house!!".
Lights half mast, ornaments clumped all in one spot, bare spots with no ornaments. :)
The best thing about this tree skirt?
It was cheap, quick and easy to make.
If I decide next year I don't care for it, I can make a new one easily enough.
(My husband was quite impressed when I put it around the tree last night!)

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