Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's all about the last minute

Last week I posted this picture on Facebook (or was it two weeks ago?).
Supplies I gathered to complete a few DIY Christmas decor projects for my house.
So far, I've completed one and have all the pieces cut out for the second.
As the rest of my supplies arrive in the mail, I'm getting anxious to get cracking.
But first I have more important things waiting for me to complete.
Things with deadlines like Etsy orders and
shepherd costumes for the Sunday School Program (which is this coming Saturday).
(I got this picture from this site, this is the tutorial I am to follow.
Except I'm not using fleece.)
How does that saying go?
"If it weren't for the last minute, how would I ever get anything done?"
Some days it feels like that is my motto. :)
In all fairness to me, I just received the fabric on Sunday.
In all fairness to the one in charge,
she was just given the task of head a week or so ago (long story.).
So shepherd costumes it is.
 They will be quick and easy (or should be).
I only 10 of them to do, then I can start on my new tree skirt. 

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