Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 7 Assignment

I really struggled with whether or not I should upload the pictures for this assignment. I just felt like I didn't get any that were "good enough" and they all feel less than stellar. However, I didn't want to not do the assignment because of that silly reason. So here they are. Gulp.

I took my kids to the Spray Park one day. It was pretty much a flop of a day.
The park was full of kids/people.
My kids were more interested in the food I brought instead of playing in the water.
The park was in full direct, harsh daylight.
An all around disaster for trying to get good pictures.

Being that there were so many people, I set my depth of field as shallow as I could so I could focus mostly on my kids. 
 On this picture, I like how the composition ended up with the sprayer on the left and water droplets in focus but you can still see him turning it on with his foot.
All the other chaos swirling behind him is out of focus.

This is one of my favorite shots of the day.
Probably because it was a "gimmie" without a shot of someone's face.
However, I feel like it tells the story. The kids spent more time seeing if they could spray the sprinkler in all different directions using their feet.
I love how the circle on the outer edge guides your eye throughout the whole picture. 

I love the body language on this one. They were running thru this part of the park when someone turned the sprayers on. They were taken by surprise. :)
I would have liked to get a picture from the front to get all of their faces.
I feel a bit like the composition of this picture is a bit boring, but it's hard to get good picture with constantly moving subjects, a fixed lens of 35mm and water spraying all over.
Yikes! It was a dangerous place to bring my camera. 

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