Monday, December 1, 2008

Oops! Where have I been?!

I didn't realize it had been so many days since I last updated! My apologies!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at our house. We ended up having a few of my husband's nieces and nephews and their families over.

The rest of the weekend we spent dealing with strep! Such fun! (I'm kidding) Social calender comes to a grinding halt when that happens. Some of our friends from out of town were suppose to come visit, but couldn't when the strep test came back positive. Such a disappointment, but such is life.

I've been working on getting these coasters ready to list. I attempted to take some pictures today but got frustrated at my lack of sunlight and windy conditions, so I gave up. I (finally) got a brilliant idea to use hubby's spot light to light my lightbox but it wouldn't work. Burnt out lightbulb. There went that idea...until he got home from work and fixed it for me. Aren't husbands the best thing since sliced bread?!?

Here is one attempt I made. Better, but not quite there yet. I only had one light coming in from the right (as you can see the glare) and I think I'll need a second one. It was about 7pm when I took this picture so I'll try again in the morning and see if I get different results. I think I'll pick up another light tomorrow as I'm running errands (can you believe we don't have a single lamp in this house?!)

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