Friday, May 10, 2013

Project 52, Week 19

Project 52, Week 19
Theme: Night
In an attempt to raise funds for our new church,
we started doing Personal Fundraisers.
Each member is asked to raise $100,
either by writing a check or doing a service for someone else.
Last weekend, my husband and I hosted a dinner at our place for our Personal Fundraiser.
We had 10 adults over for dinner, dessert, sauna and visiting.
It was a good time!
I snuck outside to try get some "peeping tom" style pictures.
Easier said than done, especially since I avoid shooting in low light whenever possible.
Keeping true to my typical form, I didn't bother to research how to go about getting a clear shot in this type of situation.
I just grabbed my camera and started shooting, making a few adjustments as I shot.
I didn't take very many pictures or take very much time trying to get a great shot.
I didn't want to miss out on all the fun happening inside. :)
This is one of the only ones that came out clear.
Our blog circle is a little smaller than usual this week.
For this week, I'm linking up to Marcy.

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