Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jumping on the bandwagon

The P90X Workout Bandwagon that is.

I know, I know. I'm not a fan of fads in both exercise or diet, but let me explain.
P90X is a serious workout regimen that is pretty much guaranteed to change your entire body using a rigorous 12 week workout routine. If you follow the diet and workout plan, you're suppose to see amazing results and a whole new body.

That's not why I bought it for Hubby for Christmas. I do not have a Chubby Hubby. He does not need to lose any weight.
Back in June he had knee surgery where part of the meniscus in his knee was removed. Good-bye running. 40 minutes of pounding the pavement and his brain was clear. No more, quite the blow to his stress relief. His knee can handle about a block or two of running and then he's done. Now what to do?

Friends of ours and some of his co-workers have done the P90X workout and suggested he give it a try. They're not "girly" workout dvds, no threat to his ego there (I'm kidding.). Guaranteed to burn off some stress.
I decided to try it along with him.
Neither of us are interested in a body makeover. Both of us would love to be a bit stronger (but not ripped) and somewhat more toned. I'm thrilled to have some new workout dvds. He's thrilled to have a different form of exercise. (I'll admit it, I'm glad he's exercising too.)

We're planning on following the workout schedule as much as our lives allow. We eat pretty healthy already so I don't think we'll make much of a change there except add a protein shake or two. (maybe) We both have two workouts done and will do workout #3 today. I can't wait!

I honestly don't see us being too serious about this whole deal. It'll just be another way to stay active thru these winter months and hopefully emerge in the spring with our marbles still in place. :)

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