Friday, October 25, 2013

Project 52, Week 43

Project 52, Week43
Theme: Looking Down
Oh sweet Baby Boy!
He's starting to be more content to sit in his swing
 for short periods of time in the mornings.
He's such a treasure!
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Project 52, Week 42

Project 52, Week 42
Theme: Storyboard
This week was a bit of a fail for me.
I had taken pictures of a Father vs. Son/Friend football in the back yard
on Saturday but didn't like the shooting conditions back there.
 It's cluttered with toys, houses, mail boxes, electrical boxes, shade, sun, etc.
I had intended to reshoot all this week but with sick kids, doctor appointments, evening activities
 by Thursday I was finally tackling what I needed to get done on Monday.
Instead of skipping this week, I'm going to use the football pictures anyway.
I didn't have time to put them in a storyboard frame.
T hikes the ball to C,
and takes off running.
He blows past his Dad, heading for the end zone.
C hangs out in the backfield, waiting for him to get open.
T is giddy at what C has up his sleeve. 
Quarterback sneak! T is watching Dad's face to see if he notices.
Nope, he didn't, much to the delight of T.
Touchdown for the boys!!
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Project 52, Week 41

Project 52, Week 41
Theme: Wrinkles
The dreary, rainy weather put a wrinkle into our plans for a morning walk,
so I worked on ironing out the wrinkles in the fabric for an order instead.
(photo taken under less than stellar lighting conditions)
Rumor has it that Maaret has some sneaky pictures full of wrinkles...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Project 52, Week 40

Project 52, Week 40
Theme: Movement
I took some of my middle kids on a hike on Sunday.
They are troopers and have way more energy than I do.
Here they are, running up a steep part of the trail.
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