Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Something has to give...

It's been 9 days since this key fob was published in Lonny Magazine.

Since then I have sold 43 of them. (I've actually gotten more orders for them but am still awaiting payment.) Additionally, I received an order this morning for 35 for a shop in North Carolina. (My first ever "wholesale" order. I use the term loosely since I didn't sell them to her for 50% off)

78 total Leopard Print Key Fobs. Amazing!

(I still haven't counted how many other fobs I've sold in the last week. Nor have I gone thru all other requests I've received since then. Blog features, other product requests, etc. I've done some, but not all.)

As you can imagine, it was a much better response than I anticipated and could have hoped for. Therefore, something in my life has to be put on the back burner. (Let me clarify here...I am not overwhelmed or overly swamped and am keeping up just fine. It's just taking me a bit longer to get orders out the door and I'm not creating anything new product at this time.)

I'm not willing to sew every waking moment, I can't ignore my family, I can't ignore my house (anymore than I already do), I can't give up exercising, I'm not devoting my entire life to able mabel (This is suppose to be a "hobby that supports itself", not a job that takes importance over everything else.)...

So my dear friends, you drew the short straw. Until I get things back under control on this end and feel like I can take a breath (which I selfishly hope is a good long while away. I am enjoying the busyness while it lasts! ;) ) my blog will not be updated.

Unless, of course, I get a wild hair or have something pressing to say...


Until next time!

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