Friday, March 29, 2013

Project 52, Week 13

Project 52, Week 13
Theme: Things that Grow
I changed this up a bit to say
"Things that Grow Old"... snow at the end of March.
What did Jessica find that grows? I'm sure it's something clever!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Project 52, Week 12

Project 52:12
Theme for this week was Smile.
I decided to try something different with this one.
I went online and found different smiles, printed them off, attached a popsicle stick and had the kids pose for me.
They loved it!
I didn't love my set up from a photographers point of view.
I waited until Thursday late afternoon, of course.
It was a cloudy, windy, rainy day.
Not exactly ideal for taking pictures.
I suppose I could have done some work on these pictures in Photoshop but I was too lazy. :)
So here you go...
Group shot of 3 of the girls.
Baby got a turn.
Then she tried to eat the smile so that was the end of her turn.
The older brother.
Topless Trouble showed up on the scene and wanted a chance.
(When she shows up without a shirt, it's a sure sign she was splashing in water somewhere.)
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Project 52:11

Project 52, Week 11
Theme: Morning Light
I ended up taking out my camera one morning
and taking pictures of what I saw around me.
Before the sun is up over the distant hills and mountains,
this little Loves is up and has usually pulled off some sort of shenanigan or two or three.
(as you can tell by her wet hair)
This morning, she was feasting on scrambled eggs with tomatoes, red peppers and broccoli.
This is not typical. She usually just likes cold cereal.
She is game though to finish off whatever is left on any one's plate.
She is quite the girl.
I went outside just as the sun was peeking up.
This is the traveling "For Sale" sign.
It keeps getting moved from lot to lot.
At this point, I'm really not sure what lot is for sale but it won't hurt my feelings if none of the lots around us sell.
I had to stay within shouting distance of the house because my baby was still sleeping.
The houses lining the street nearby our house.

 Our Aspen trees are starting to get buds on them.
The neighborhood across the gully.

 Back inside.
My morning cup of coffee.
My owl, all by his lonesome on the shelf under the clock.
He needs some company.
(An interesting point: The coffee cup picture and the owl picture are taken one right after the other, using the light from the same window. Yet, they look quite different from each other.)

The morning typically starts off with a (mostly) peaceful round of playing House.
It almost always involves going to church and singing.
Any book will work as a song book.
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Project 52, Week 10

Project 52, Week 10
Theme: Shadow
Time just flies, Week 10 already!
These projects are good for me because
they get me thinking about pictures I hadn't thought about before.
I love shadows but I'm not sure how to get a good picture of one.
After taking several pictures,
 I decided I like the ones that you get a sneak peek of the subject
along with the shadow instead of just getting the shadow.
I posted a mixture of the two.
I need to research more about how to capture a strong dramatic shadow.
Thursday was a beautiful day so I took my girls out on a stroll.
Tossed two of them in one junky stroller.

The other two on bikes.
Love this girl and her pony tail cruising along.
(This is where my 35mm lens is not cool. I still sometimes forget to crop my picture more than I want in my frame because edges always show up when I don't expect them to.)
Flicking something away.
I never did quite understand what it was.
I haven't yet mastered the language of a 2 year old.
Back on the driveway.
My sweet baby is learning how to walk.
Love the wet footprints in this picture!
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Project 52, Week 9

 Project 52, Week 9
Theme: In Your Closet
If you were hoping to see pictures of a closet straight out of a magazine,
you've come to the wrong place.
This is my latest "excuse" for the state of my closet.
An independent, do-it-myself 2.5 year old.
In an effort to stay more organized, her clothes are still in my closet.
Organized in colorful totes. (or they were organized)
Lately, she has been dressing herself.
It consists of standing on the edge of the Pack-n-Play
and tossing down whatever clothes are within reach into a pile on the floor.
She pickes a shirt and something (anything) for her legs and puts them on.
Then she toodles out of the closet in search of her next adventure.
No worries about the pile of clothes left on the floor
(and whatever other treasures she has with her at the time).
Instead of organizing them again, I've started just tossing them back into her totes.
By the end of the day, they'll be on the floor again anyway.
Some year, maybe, I'll have a nice closet.
But probably not.
I can just about guarantee you that Jessica has a dream worthy closet.
Head over and check it out.
You know it's going to be good.